February 25, 2018

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About Us


A child’s mind and skills develop from the time they are born.  From the “copycat” stage, to the “I can do it” stage, to the question parent’s love most, the “why” stage.  This development is vital to your child’s critical thinking and individual growth.  At Racine Cooperative Preschool (RCP) we use a holistic approach to learning through active play, teacher directed activities, small group activities, and socialization guidance.

Our program’s philosophy is “we believe children learn through playing as well as through instruction”.  Whether in our 3K or 4K classroom, children learn to socialize and interact with peers, respect others and the environment that surrounds them.  By offering interactive, engaging activities both indoors and outdoors our teachers prepare your child for their academic future. RCP’s curriculum offers the ultimate educational benefits to you and your child by teaching reading readiness, writing, beginning math, art, science, and social studies.

RCP operates under the foundation of Scholastics Early Childhood Program (Clifford Program) in their preschool classroom and Racine Unified School District’s (RUSD) 4K Program.  The Clifford Program engages children in “real-world themes that begin with what is familiar to children and connects to the world around them.”  The 4K program utilized by RUSD is called Creative Curriculum which is a “developmentally appropriate educational program of learning and activities for 4-year-old children.”  In the 2016-2017 school year RUSD implemented the Pyramid Model within its 4K program, which provides the “framework used to teach social and emotional development to younger students.”

Racine Cooperative Preschool is dedicated to the development of each child that walks through its doors.  Our teachers and staff make your child’s educational development a priority, “we take pride in the programs we offer and celebrate the growth of our students.”  Begin your child’s life-long love of learning at Racine Cooperative Preschool.

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision is to provide a safe and caring environment to enrich your child's individuality and foster their self esteem, while preparing them for their academic future...

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What is a Co-Op?

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The Racine Cooperative Nursery School was formed in 1956 by a small group of parents who wanted to provide their children with a meaningful preschool experience that ...

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